Don Shadburn, Historian & Author of Pioneer Cherokee Book Series
Pioneer Cherokee Heritage Book Series by Don L. Shadburn

Cherokee Planters in Georgia, 1832-1838

Historical Essays on Eleven Counties in the Cherokee Nation of Georgia

Cherokee Planters in Georgia 1832-1838, Historical Essays on Eleven Counties in the Cherokee Nation of Georgia

This is the first history written on Georgia's Cherokees, mixed-bloods, and "Indian countrymen" (intermarried white men) on a county by county basis and a grassroots level. Counties include Cass, Cherokee, Cobb, Floyd, Forsyth, Gilmer, Lumpkin, Murray, Paulding, Union, and Walker. On December 26, 1831, original Cherokee County was created. After district surveys were completed in 1832, Cherokee was divided into 10 counties, with Walker County being formed in 1833 from original Murray. The book is illustrated with 11 country maps and 95 plats of land and gold lots from the first surveys of the Cherokee territory of northwest Georgia, showing individual Indian improvements, roads, ferries, and Indian town sites over the 6,900 square miles of land area. The work has over 600 source notes and two indices, one of Indian names alone. It was reviewed in the Fall of 1990 in the Georgia Historical Quarterly by Prof. Theda Perdue, Cherokee historian and author, University of NC; by Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr., in his "Genealogy" column in the Atlanta Journal-Contstitution; and by Rowena Mills in the Tulsa(OK)Tribune. This book is now in its fifth printing.

Volume: 2
Publish Date: Limited 5th Printing, Dec.2005
Number of Pages: 422
Details: Laminated paperback, 600 source notes, two indices - one of Indian names alone