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Pioneer History of Forsyth County, Georgia

Pioneer History of Forsyth County, Georgia, Books by Don Shadburn

This classic work is the first published history on Forsyth County. The book's contents include 42 chapters of family histories and 11 sections of appendices comprised of county, state, and federal records. The appendices are extensive and detailed, including the 1834 state census; the 1840 federal population census; the county's earliest marriage books A and B, 1833-1848; slaveholding census schedules, 1840-1860; mortality census records, 1850-1880; merchant ledgers and daybooks, 1840s to 1860; post offices and postmasters, 1834-1925; and 206 newspaper obituaries, 1892-1926. This book is illustrated with 132 photos and maps, as well as 8 full-page pen-and-ink drawings by artist Vernon Harris. The Pioneer History represents fifteen years of research among county and family records, state and federal records, and correspondence with descendants nationwide. Pioneer History of Foryth County, Georgia has been printed 4 times.

Volume: 1
Publish Date: Limited 4th Printing, 2006
Number of Pages: 736
Details: Laminated Hardcase, 132 photos, map, and drawings;
11 sections of appendices
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