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Volume 1 Pioneer History
Volume 2 Cherokee Planters
Volume 3 Unhallowed Intrusion
Volume 4 Crimson and Sabres
Volume 5 Blood Kin
Volume 6 The Cottonpatch Chronicles
Volume 7 Upon Our Ruins
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Book Titles in the Pioneer-Cherokee Heritage Series

  1. Volume 1: Pioneer History of Forsyth County, Georgia
  2. Volume 2: Cherokee Planters in Georgia, 1832-1838
  3. Volume 3: Unhallowed Intrusion: A History of Cherokee Families in Forsyth County, Georgia
  4. Volume 4: Crimson and Sabres: A Confederate Record of Forsyth County, Georgia
  5. Volume 5: Blood Kin: Pioneer Chronicles of Upper Georgia Centered in Forsyth County, Georgia
  6. Volume 6: The Cottonpatch Chronicles: Reflections on Cherokee History, People, Places, and Events in Forsyth County, Georgia
  7. Volume 7: Upon Our Ruins: A Study in Cherokee History and Genealogy

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