Don Shadburn, Historian & Author of Pioneer Cherokee Book Series
Pioneer Cherokee Heritage Book Series by Don L. Shadburn

Unhallowed Intrusion

A History of Cherokee Families in Forsyth County, Georgia

Unhallowed Intrusion, a History of Cherokee Families in Forsyth County, Georgia

This 806-page tome is the only historical and genealogical work published on any Georgia county's Indian population. The book is illustrated with 192 photos, maps, and survey plats. Unhallowed Intrusion received the first Lilla Mills Hawes Award (1995) presented by the Georgia Historical Society for the most outstanding regional history. W. Todd Groce, Executive Director, wrote to the author on May 9, 1995 saying that the Awards Committee reconized the book's "insightful use of local history, particularly genealogical sources and family histories," and added: "The work has significance, not only to Forsyth County, but also to the areas included in the relocation of these families in Indian Territory." In October 1993, Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr. wrote a review in his Atlanta Journal-Constitution column. Uhallowed Intrusion focuses on the history and genealogy of all major mixed-blood Cherokees and Indian Countrymen of Forsyth County. These include such prominent family names as Blackburn, Collins, Cordery, Harris, Rogers, Vickery, and Welch, along with allied families, as well as a history on Cherokee chief James Vann (1765-1809) and his Chattahoochee plantation, ferry, and tavern in Forsyth County. The introduction chapter is a research aid entitled "Tracking Cherokee Indian Ancestors," which highlights the most important tribal enrollments east and west of the Mississippi River following the removal years of 1838-1839. This work represents 23 years of research and correspondence among descendants nationwide.

Volume: 3
Publish Date: Limited 3rd Printing, Sept. 2007
Number of Pages: 806
Details: Laminated Hardcase, 192 photos, maps, and survey plats