Don Shadburn, Historian & Author of Pioneer Cherokee Book Series
Pioneer Cherokee Heritage Book Series by Don L. Shadburn

Upon Our Ruins

A Study in Cherokee History and Genealogy

Upon Our Ruins Book by Don L. Shadburn, A Study in Cherokee History and Genealogy

This work represents 27 chapters of history and genealogy on many of the mixed-blood Cherokee families and Indian countrymen primarily in the Carolinas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Virgina, Tennessee, and Texas, with over 200 contributors. Family names include: Adair, Bean, Bell, Benge, Boyd, Brown, Burgess, Bushyhead, Cameron, Childers, Choate, Cochran, Fields, Foster, Gann, Goss, Grant, Guess, Hawkins, Helton, Henson, Hildebrand, Hodges, Holt, Horn, Hughes, Hulsey, Huss, Jones, Kell, Keys, Landrum, Langley, Ledbetter, Lynch, Maney, Martin, Matoy, Mayes, McCallister, McClure, McDaniel, McDonald, McIntosh, Rains, Ralston, Raper, Ridge, Rogers, Ross, Rowe, Russell, Sanders, Satterfield, Scott, SchoeBoots, Tankersley, Taylor, Terrell, Thompson, Tidwell, Towers, Trott, Vann, Vickery, Walker, Ward, Watts, Welch, Whitmire, Wickett, Willis, Wolfe, Wright, and scores of allied names. Ninety pages of appendices comprise Wills and Estate Records (1760-1889), Cherokee Reservation and Spoliation Claim (1837-1845), Georgia Citizenship Acts (1838-1845), Cherokee Georgia Census Schedules (1830), letters by Major Ridge’s granddaughter Emily McNeir (1906), and a roster of 132 intermarried white men and women with Indian spouses.

Publish Date: 2011 [Limited Printing]
Number of Pages: 786
Details: Laminated hardcase, photos, maps, appendices, all-name index